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Projekte und Programme



  • Project and program coaching
  • Temporary project and program management
  • Crisis prevention and crisis intervention
  • Project and program organisation

We'll be happy to find the appropriate solution for your project or your program.
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We advise, monitor, and strengthen your projects and programs from the very beginning to the end, or only when in crisis or in challenging situations. As experts, program and project managers, employees responsible for project office, team developers, and coaches, we are part of your team and provide expertise at eye level.

Regardless of whether you are a project manager, an owner or a line manager, we accompany you and your project and programs on the way to success. We are at your service, just as you wish, hands-on or for personal feedback, exchange of experience, a brief power training or final document templates.

We provide our profound international experience in all project and program sizes and in most different branches, together with highest social competences and flexible communication methods which are becoming increasingly important in the digital era. Our solid methodological know-how and our fine sense for the potentials of people and teams guarantee the success of your project and program, even in the most severe crises.

We support you at all project and program stages, organise and chair your starting workshop for example, and assist you in the development of a trustful project culture, especially in very complex and international project and program organisations. Or you simply get us on board for project and program controlling, risk management, and project and program marketing.

In crises and precarious project situations, we find tailored structured solutions and accompany you and your project on the way to success.

We offer operative discharge through temporary project and program managers, employees responsible for project office, project assistance or short-term external project assistants. In our experienced expert pool we also have branch experts for you, with best practice models for your economic sector.