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Depening your knowledge and putting professional project management into practice in a simple and playful way - our own developed project management products will help you. The milestone project.starter.kit, milestonePLAY and milestoneWISSEN facilitate your project start and certification exam and offer exciting experiences in your day-to-day project or in the internal development for you and your employees.

is the first real project management game which enables you to improve, automate, and exchange your knowledge of project management.

It comprises multiple choice questions on project management which were checked by Project Management Austria (pma) for quality and compliance.

milestone project.starter.kit.
The pre-printed flip chart pad facilitates work for the presenter during the time-consuming preparation phase of the project start workshops.

And here another tip for you: Become part of our project management community and visit one of our PMO events (PMO circle and pmoday) to exchange ideas and experience with experts. If you want to establish a project management community in your own company, we’ll be glad to support you within the scope of our project-oriented organisation development.

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