amid practice.


These trainings require basic knowledge of project management. You’ll learn to deal with difficult situations and have exchange with experienced project managers.


Professional project controlling
You’ll learn adequate methods to control your projects and respond to deviations.
Project risk management
After this training you’ll be able to identify, evaluate and control risks in your project and react properly when risks pops up.
Crisis prevention and crisis management
You’ll know how to minimize the likelihood of project crises occurrence and to overcome crises well.
Solving conflicts in projects
In this training you will learn to resolve conflicts in your projects on the long term and to avoid them in the future.

Recommended duration: 1-2 days for each module   

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Professional project controlling:

  • Project planning methods in project controlling
  • Trend analyses: What will happen if we continue as usual?
  • Earned value analysis
  • Cost controlling
  • Social project controlling
  • Project controlling workshop
  • Role of project controller
  • Controlling measures
  • Reporting
  • Intervention methods

Project risk management.

  • Risk identification, evaluation & grouping
  • Risk-policy measures and risk budget
  • Risk management in programs
  • Crisis prevention and crisis management:
  • Crisis management tasks
  • Crisis prevention, early identification & accomplishment
  • Scenario techniques

Solving conflicts in projects:

  • Conflict management models
  • Typologies of conflicts
  • Conflict prevention & solution strategies
  • Conflicts as opportunity


In addition to the PM special package you’ll receive an exclusive project.starter.kit.