amid practice.


These trainings are aimed at experienced project and program managers, PMO leaders or PMO employees. You will deepen your knowledge of PMOs, project portfolios, programs or international projects and learn the required skills for applying project management 4.0 and agile methods.


Establishing and managing PMO
You’ll obtain methods and practical tips for establishing and managing a project management office.
Controlling project portfolios
You’ll know how to establish and manage a professional project portfolio management.
Program management
You’ll learn when a program makes sense and how to set up and control programs successfully.
Managing international projects
You’ll learn to master challenges of international projects with suitable methods.
Project management 4.0
You’ll be fit for future project management challenges, from virtual teams to social media.
Agile methods
You’ll know how to incorporate Scrum, Kanban & Co. in your processes and projects of your company.

Recommended duration: 1-3 days for each module
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Establishing and managing PMO:

  • Advantages and tasks of PMO
  • Organisational structure
  • Implementing and establishing PMO
  • Success factors

Controlling project portfolios:

  • Project portfolio management basics
  • Implementing project portfolio management
  • Planning and controlling project portfolios (Key figures & controlling)
  • Prioritisation & resource management
  • Risk management & success factors

Program management:

  • Program management vs. project management
  • Interaction of project portfolio management
  • Program organisation and roles in programs
  • Methods of program planning
  • Program risk management & controlling

Managing international projects:

  • Specific features of international projects
  • Commitment despite differences: starting correctly
  • Stakeholder management
  • Coordinating project team members worldwide
  • Inter-cultural skills & diversity management

Project management 4.0:

  • Quality versus time to market
  • Managing virtual teams
  • Contract and change management (legally)
  • Simulation in project portfolio

Agile methods:

  • Agile methods vs. waterfall
  • Scrum as a method of product and software development
  • Basics, for example Scrum: framework, artefacts, process, roles, ceremonies etc.
  • Applying Scrum, Kanban & Co. correctly
  • Roles of agile methods in project management


In addition to the PM Professional package you’ll receive an exclusive project.starter.kit.