amid practice.


These trainings increase the quality of your managerial behaviour. They’re aimed at project and program managers and owners.


Project management for owners
You will know how to increase your project success with a clear project order and a strong interaction with the project manager.
Managing project teams
This training shows you modern leadership and motivation methods which are suitable for temporary organisations.
Leading projects systemically
You’ll know how to combine different views in a team and to accompany the team members on the way to solutions.
Enhancing team performance
This training shows experience-oriented interventions, which strengthen team building and enhance team performance.

Recommended duration: 1-3 days for each module
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Project management for owners:

  • Overview: project and project management
  • Project organisation and project roles
  • Project’s objective
  • Rights and duties of project owners: when initiating the project, at project start process, Project controlling and when closing down project
  • Interaction between owners and project manager

Leading project teams:

  • Overview leadership styles
  • Leading without disciplinary competence – lateral leading
  • The project manager as a role model – self-reflection
  • Making decisions

Systematic leading in projects.

  • Constructivism & social systems
  • Leadership positions
  • Intervention methods
  • Questioning techniques
  • Systemic coaching – The project manager as a coach

Enhancing team performance:

  • Recognizing and understanding different behavioural patterns
  • Recognizing and fostering potential
  • Recognizing and expanding one’s own limits
  • Adjusting leadership styles to situations
  • Binding teams
  • Systemic constellation work
  • Indoor and outdoor activities


In addition to the PM Leadership skills package you’ll receive an exclusive project.starter.kit.