amid practice.


These trainings provide project managers, team members and project assistants with project management basics. Participation in these trainings requires no previous knowledge.


Project management basics
You’ll learn project management basics and how to apply project planning methods in practice.
Recommended duration: 3 days
Project management for Project team members
You’ll know what is expected from your role and how to specify and monitor work packages.
Recommended duration: 1 day
Project-oriented work
As project assistants and project team members you’ll learn how to plan and perform tasks in a simple, efficient and structured way.
Recommended duration: 1 day
Initiating project, start of project, project closedown
Sie vertiefen die Projektmanagement-Methoden
You will deepen your knowledge of project management methods both for initiating and in project management sub-processes.
Recommended duration: 2 days

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0800 300 500


Project management basics:

  • Concept of project, types of projects, project chain
  • Project organisation and project roles
  • Project management process
  • Project planning methods: planning project objectives, observation planning, work breakdown structure, project environmental analysis, project timetable, project budget Planning, risk analysis, planning project marketing, planning communication
  • Project culture

Specially for project team members:

  • Work package planning
  • Work package specification
  • Work package monitoring

Specially for project-oriented work:

  • Structuring and monitoring tasks
  • Involving a team
  • Using communication effectively

Initiating project, start and closedown:

  • Project differentiation & context analysis, business case, project order
  • Project kick-off, project start workshop
  • Project coordination: project team meeting, work package takeover
  • Project controlling cycle, social project controlling, project controlling reports
  • Closedown of project workshop, project final report, project takeover


In addition to the basic PM package you’ll receive an exclusive project.starter.kit.