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milestone p.o.e. ag is your reliable partner with a hands-on mentality, with international experience in all sizes of projects or programs in most different branches. as well as long-term knowledge in project-oriented organisation development. milestone p.o.e. ag stands for our powerful network of partners and experts, our community and regular events about project management, project management organisation and leading projects. Our individuality and special developed methods, for example the ubiquitous project (UP) organisation design, the m4 maturity model and milestones, our 90 minutes power training in small groups. All this make us unique and distinctive. We are active in structuring the future in project management, from project management 4.0 to agile methods.

In all our activities we take care of measureable results and the personal success of the active working people in these projects. We take account that social competences, communication skills and flexible methods becoming more important. We have the expertise to come through the most severe crises concerning your project, and the fine sense for unvaluable skills and the potentials of one single and a team. Not at least we are very proud to be a sponsor of the Special Olympics Austria.

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